Τρίτη 19 Απριλίου 2011

In memory of Nikos Papazoglou

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Nikos Papazoglou was a Greeksongwriter and singer. He passed
away recently, so I felt that I had do to draw something in his memory.

Nikos Papazoglou combined Greek musical elements with rock. 
His voice was unique with many elements from the east. His
work will stay forever in my heart and I believe it belongs 
among the diamonds of the Greek culture.

Have a nice trip to the angel's neighbourhood Niko, 
thanks for everything.

"Tonight my heart is broken with the little baglama"
(Free translation from one of my favourite songs of Nikos Papazoglou)

Σάββατο 16 Απριλίου 2011

"Circle" stop motion animation


Creator: Dimitris Klonos

This is a stop motion animation about the eternal circle of life, death and life again.
The birth of a child, the first light, the growing up like a spring flower, the begining 
of the fall, death and finally new parents create something new again 
in order for the circle to go on.

This a video I created during my studying years. With so little knowledge about
video creating software, with a lot of passion for art and basic equipment I created
the "circle" animation.

I hope in future my skills will be far more advanced, so my next short animation
will be better than the first.

Παρασκευή 15 Απριλίου 2011

Poster for Dj Takis Apostolou

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Client: Dj Takis Apostolou

This is a poster communicating Taki's Apostolou event, Vita Popdelica.

Takis plays very interesting music in every Dj set. I Like the freshness of his 
musical choices which  are form indy rock and electro to almost everything.

So, I wanted the poster to be fresh and musical in order for the people to get the feel
of Takis's music.

Wind stores mobile phone catalogue layout

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

Wind stores mobile phone catalogue was designed in order to provide 
Wind's customers and sellers a printed guiding tool of Wind's products.

This catalogue contains large amounts of information. So I wanted the layout
of the catalogue to be as simple as possible in order for the reader
not to be tired.

On the upper right side you can see a little coloured box. These boxes
help the reader's navigation through the catalogues's sections.

I also wanted the catalogue to be fun and fresh, so I've chosed with the rest of
the team live colours for every section.

This is not a piece of art, it is a tool for the seller and a guide for the
consumer, so my first cosern was functionality. In this case, art
came second. But I believe that's a cost every graphic designer
has to pay from time to time.

Trelakia comic series

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Trelakia is a comic series, trying to make fun out of our daily life. 
People they way I see them around me with my eyes.

I wanted to express a feeling of disaproval for today's
status quo. I saw people like three eyed wacko persons,
with scientist's uniforms. They where also funny and smart
but they lacked spirit.

So this was my statement through trelakia.

I believe every artist has to express his personal view of things.

Otherwise, art is pointless in my opinion.

Black and white stories

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos
Client: Eleftherotypia's 9 magazine

A comic strip series created for Eleftherotypia's 9 magazine.

As a graphic designer, I really like to investigate the form.
Black and white stories was a challenge for me. I had to
tell a little story in just a few frames, using just black and white.

Where form and antiform meet, we have a contrast.
With this technique i tried once more to express my
daily point of view for the things that go on around me.

Contrast and contradictions are a challenge for every artist.

BM tools online store logo

Designer: Dimitris Klonos
Client: BMtools

A logo designed for an online tool store.

As a new brand BM Tools needed a logo that would communicate
at once, that BM Tools has something to do with tools.

So I created letters inspired from actual tools.
I used a simple but fresh font for the other letters.

The colour code I chose is close to the tool market colour codes,
with a little touch of fresh air.

I believe this is a functional logo that can be used for many different
situations and in may different ways, without losing it's

Characters I just like!

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Some people just inspire you!

This clipart vector illustrations, were created
with a techinque I use really often.

I draw something with a pen or a marker, I scan it
and I place it in an my illustrator document. There I can use 
the pen tool to vectorise my sketch.

As a result I convert a bitmap handmade sketch,
to a Light vector one.

Comic page

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Just a comic page of a story I never continued.

This is a comic page study I created. I just
wanted to create an image that looks and feels like
a comic page.

It is created 100% on the computer. The hand illustration
feel is because I've used a wacom tablet to draw directy
to my computer's screen.

I hope you like it!

Abstract sourealistic dream!

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Just a dream expressed with ink.

Sometimes reason just doesn't do the magic.
So this creation is something that came out with the 
most natural way.

I took a piece of paper, my favorite ink and just lost
my self in my drawing. I really like the moments
I create things, without briefing and rules.

I Believe an artist feels free those moments of
self knowing, through his art.

Very interesting things come out of these processes!


Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Wolfy is a vector illustration, beware of the wolf!

This is also a vector illustration created
100% on the computer with a wacom tablet.

I really like using a tablet, because the outcome looks
both handmade and digital.

I believe the tablet connects the world of
computers with the natural world as far as 
illustration is conserned.

The key to everything!

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

A hand made illustration about something we should never forget.

Love of course is the key to everything.
This is known to anyone, from every religion, class
or philosophy school!

Love is a matter we often forget because of
our huge egos!

Artists, have a little more ego than the average person.
I believe that's why we create, we need to transform
that ego to beauty.

Beauty equals love, in my opinion.

Cornelius knows!

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

The title says it all!

Cornelius Castoriadis the greek progressive thinker and philosopher
of the 90s ispired my dreamspace.

A fantastic imaginary society came out after myself and Cornelius Castoriadis's
thoughts met. I love the way of his thinking, i think great minds
ispire artists from where ever they come from.

Thanks a lot Cornelius it's been a pleasure.

Money never dies, we do!

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

A vector illustration about a money issue.

The arrow of love came second in that case. The most valuable
organ of the human body, the great center should be
the first thing we protect. 

But in some cases money comes first and ruin every good thing.
Still even in the 21st century, you can't buy true friendship 

and love.

Thank god!

That's what this illustration is all about!

City sucks!

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

That day I just looked out of the window and tried to escape.

Just look of the window of a midle class aparment in Athens
and you'll get my point.

It's just so ugly and tasteless. Thank god nowadays many 
street artists go out and give some colour to our
grey lives.

At least artists do something about all this ugliness.
still there are many things to be done and I believe we've
missed the train!

Che the one and only

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Illustration of Che, because heroes never die.

Che Guevara is a personalitry that has always been a source
of inspiration for me. He gave up all the comforts of an easy life
for the sake of other people and for justice.

I've illustrated Che crying blood as a statement for people's
passiveness and apathy.

Che guevara will always be among the people I admire,
because as all of them do, he gives me strength!

Vector Character

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Vector illustration of a wacko character.

He's about to tell something. Don't ask me what!
I feel like him sometimes I believe, so I believe
he came out naturally.

I can't think of anything more to say about that character,
he just happened!

Bus proposal for Wind Stores

Art Director: Dimitris KlonosAdvertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

This is a bus proposal created for Wind stores, in order to promote a local campaign.

We created this bus as part of a campaign at Patra.
The design should be fun and celebrating.

It had to be appealing to young people of Patra.

The bus that came out was similar to this one, but still
I prefer this idea!

3D gate for Wind Stores

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Photo illustration: 
Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

This is a gate created for Wind stores in order to promote a Q telecoms campaign.

This is a gate we created for Wind stores for the campaign "Qnoupi" of Q brand.
This campaign included other structures as well. There was also a creative
outdoor panel with the "Qnoupi" character moving it's wings.

I shouldn't forget the company that produced this gate using innovative 
techniques. The name of the company is Selector Group.

Backgrounds for Wind stores

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Illustration: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

These are backgrounds, created for wind stores, in order to communicate 
a cocktail offer of internet, home telphone and mobile phone, and free calls in Greece
for wind stores customers.

The magic word of the brief was "combination" in that case. 
So the first concept was coktail combination of mobile, internet and home line.
The second was Greek coffee with a little friendly chat through the
home telephone. 

There are more visuals belonging to the same brief but those where
Isaac Zakar's artwork (Isaac is an ex colleague and good friend).

I really enjoyed the creative process of those visuals. 

Πέμπτη 14 Απριλίου 2011

Wind stores catalogue covers

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Illustrator: Konstantinos Protogeridis
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

These are covers for wind stores mobile phone catalogue.

These are two different covers from two different editions of
the catalogue. In both cases the brief said that from the cover
the consumer should be able to understand that in Wind stores
he could find many communication solutions in one spot

So at some point we created a cover with pins that had
communication symbols on them with a fun touch.

And in the other case we created a swisss army knife
that instead of many tools it had communication symbols.

TV commercial storyboard

Illustration: Dimitris Klonos

Τhis is hand illustrated still frames for a TV commercial storyboard.

In this case I had a to draw a storyboard very fast in order for
our group to present an Idea we had. 

I used a black rollerball pen and after scaning and cleaning up
the sketch a bit I added some colour with Photoshop.

I really like black and white drawing with simple stuff, like pens and
markers and I also like adding shadows in a gravourish way!

Mikri ollandeza cheese, packaging proposal

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Photo illustration: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Friesland Campina

This is a packaging proposal for mikri ollandeza cheese.

In this case I had a sipmle but strickt brief.
 Ihad to use the illustration of Mikri ollandeza, use nature
and Dutch symbols. This is a Dutch cheese.

So Iused a Duch windmill in the back.
My main consern was to created a clean design that
creates a feeling of freshness and quality to the consumer.

I enjoyed this brief even though my fovourite design
proposal never came out!

Happy monkey smoothies packaging

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Photo illustration: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Capago

This is a packaging created for capago, for the happy monkey smoothies.

In Happy monkey we had to use this monkey character from 
the logo. The design had to be fun, young and fresh,

So I took my litle happy friend and added him to a vector
happy exotic city in the colours of happy monkey brand

I hope Happy monkey is happy there! :)

Recycling centre

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Photo illustration: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Colgate Palmolive

This is a recycle centre designed  for Colgate Palmolive. People can go 
there and recycle their stuff, instead of just creating more garbige.

The design had to be clean and very hard selling.
I also had to show packshots of the products.

This case was very interesting because there were many
guide lines as far as the printing and modeling of this structure
is conserned. 

In the end it was an interesting work from
differnt points of view.

Danone Hellas Olympics logo proposal

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Danone

This is a proposal for a logo designed to communicate a request 
of the client (Danone).

The visual had to be fun, Olympic and with a touch of
yogurt. So I used the Olympic circles and flame, fun elements
like the stars and the diagolal dynamic forms on the background.
Let's not forget my little spoon for the yogurt touch!

Although the this isn't the final logo I prefer this
proposal more!

Proposal for Danone activia packaging

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Photo illustration: Dimitris Klonos
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Danone

This is a proposal for Activia packaging, it has never been puplic.

We were asked to create a package that would conatain four
Activia yogurts.

From the visual contact with the package,
the consumer had to realize four things. First the new low price
of Activia. Second, the fact that Activia is made from cow milk.
Third the Activia branding (colour codes and Logo). Fourth
the fact that Activia is a smooth really good flavoured yogurt.

So I came up with this clean full Activia Branded package.

Tv commercial for Samsung Beat DJ mobile phone

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Creative Director: Nancy Ilantzi
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

A TV commercial created for wind stores in order to communicate 
a new very cool music mobile phone, Samsung Beat Dj.

This is a music mobile phone, that has in the form of an 
application a DJ console. You have a Dj set on your screen
and with your fingers you scratch and mix while 
listening to your favorite song.

This TV commercial was created for young people
so it had to be fresh fun and musical!

Activia strawberry TV commercial

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Copywriter: Tzioufa ifigenia
Creative Director: Nancy Ilantzi
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Danone

A TV commercial created for Danone in order to communicate a new activia flavour.

This is a 3D commercial. Strawberry falls on the spoon on it flies 
in the activia package. 

The flavour of the yoghurt transforms from calssic to strawberry.
This is simple idea of he new activia flavour presentation

Tv commercial for Jaga mobile TV phone

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Copywriter: Tzioufa ifigenia
Creative Director: Nancy Ilantzi
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

A TV commercial for Wind stores, in order to communicate 
that with a jaga phone you can watch TV anywhere anytime.

This was also a summer campaign, so it was part of
the brief that the tvc had to be in a summer mood.
So we chise a nice Greek beach for the shot.

The whole concept is based on the fact that the channels of
Venice are the channels of the protaginsts's mobile phone
TV channels. This is because his boat's name is Venice.

So our friend can watch TV on his mobile phone anywhere!

Internet everywhere

Art Director: Dimitris Klonos
Illustration: Konstantinos protogeridis
Copywriter: Tzioufa ifigenia
Creative Director: Nancy Illantzi
Advertising agency: Geo Y&R
Client: Wind Stores

This is a print commercial series that were created for Wind Stores, in order 
to communicate easy access to the internet from where ever you are.

This was a summer campaign so every theme had something to do with summer.
The basic concept is that everytime, everywhere you go you can easily
access the internet.

So metaphorically, you can fish an @, or you can see it on the moon,
or it can even be a part of your rocking chair.